“PermaFrost®”  is an innovative complex of natural anti-aging health products based on unique biologically active substances derived from aincient permafrost.

Complex “PermaFrost®”  includes probiotics, nutritional supplements and cosmetics. It works at the cellular level and launches in the human body mechanisms that prevents its aging.

It developed as a result of many years of basic research of the relict bacteria  Bacillus F, discovered in ancient permafrost, which is more than 3 million years old. Ancient bacteria has a unique survival and has the ability for many hundreds of thousands of years prevent the destruction of the genetic apparatus and protect it from the factors that cause aging.

Researches biomedical properties of relict bacteria were carried out in the leading scientific, medical and pharmaceutical centers of Russia, USA, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Ukraine and Japan. As a result, 20 scientific articles have been published and 8 patents obtained.

Biologically active substances isolated from relict bacteria are much more effective than reference pharmaceuticals and have the following properties: immunomodulatory, adaptogenic and geroprotective activity; anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral properties; antioxidant and cytoprotective action; cardiotherapy and hepatoprotective activity; wound healing properties. They also have a positive effect on the activity of the central nervous system, increase stress resistance, help reduce allergic reactions and increase physical endurance.

“PermaFrost® products are registered in the EU countries, the EAEU Customs Union and Japan.